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2005's production was

King Arthur by Henry Purcell

6th, 7th, 8th July 2005 at Isleworth Public Hall, Old Isleworth

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Purcell (1659 -95) wrote King Arthur, his second of five semi-operas, probably in 1688. An immediate success, it became his most successful theatrical work, regularly revived in he 18th century, and surviving (in various forms) until the middle of the 19th century. A semi-opera is one which has a full dialogue and action interspersed with singing, dancing and music (and often produced with spectacular costumes and scenery, including moving sets); here the play is by John Dryden, a much altered version of his 1684 political allegory which was its origin.


The Britons:

The Saxons:

King Arthur: Simon Phillips
King Oswald: Anthony Agius
Merlin, his magician: Tom Beaton
Osmond, his magician:John Cobb
Conon, Arthur’s general: Jeff Garrod
Grimbald, an earthy spirit:Len Marchant:
Aurelius, another general: Caroline Slater
Saxon enchanted to play Cupid: Emilie Taride
Emmeline, Arthur’s beloved: Ingrid Lund
Oswald’s guards: Alison Sands, Neville Bayross
Matilda, her maid: Kate Cleeland
Seductive river spirits: Emilie Taride, Sally Pinney
Philidel, an airy spirit: Shona Radford
‘Blustering Brethren’ soloist: Bernard Stephenson
Alison Sands
June Hume
Neville Bayross
Sally Pinney
Emilie Taride
Bernard Stephenson

Earthy spirits, helpers of Grimbald:
Kate Pinney
Alice Taylor

Rosie Knox
Tilly Manners

Director: Janet Oates
Musical Director: Helena Brown
Producer: Cindy Belshaw
Designer: Ingrid Lund

Stage management: Tom Brooks
Lighting: Cal Glen
Orchestral strings: tuition Lucy Wilding


Choreography for the spirits: Philippa Bellis
Choreography for the finale: Kate Cleeland

Set and Props: Jon Crews, Ingrid Lund, Janet Oates, Peter Oates
Costumes: Ingrid Lund


Violins Chris Hobson*, Carolyn Liefkes, Anna Page, Robert Beattie, Maja Ahuja
Violas Tony Wilson, Fleur Hatherall
Cellos Jeanette Edwards, Margaret Bagley
Double bass Katherine Morrison
Flutes Vernon Wood Sue Jenkins
Recorders Stephen Bower, Margaret Berger
Bassoon Howard Stephens
Trumpets Alison Jackson, Tony Yates-Watson
Harpsichords Helena Brown, Maureen Snell

* leader

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